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Light coverage from the April 2013 Chattanooga cruise in hosted by Coker Tire and Honest Charley Speed Shop. I spent most of the day capturing HDR images (first 16 images) and just enjoying the awesome event . But I also included a few "snap shots" I took while walking around.
CP3_5595HDROld Skool Edit SampleCP3_5636HDRCP3_5665HDRCP3_5618HDRCP3_5793HDRCP3_5563HDRCP3_5570HDRCP3_5585HDRCP3-5643HDRCP3_5758HDRCP3_5693HDRCP3_5703HDRCP3_5605HDRCP3_5774HDRCP3_5610HDRCP3_5672HDRCP3_5728CP3_5744CP3_5620