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AWESOME first day , crowds where big and the action kept rollin' . Pic's are basically in order "as shot" and unedited (will be upon purchase.) Thanks to Marty Dunn for making this happen , ready for day 2 now !!! If anyone has any questions feel free to message or call me.
PIC #1 - Logo sample, if you want this logo on your print and/or web version just type "add logo" in the instruction box during checkout.
Logo SampleDSC_2434EDSC_2055DSC_2068DSC_2058DSC_2061DSC_2070DSC_2174DSC_2073DSC_2171DSC_2027DSC_2029DSC_2034DSC_2028DSC_2153DSC_2134DSC_2143DSC_2144DSC_2150DSC_2152