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Another awesome day of racin'...Beat the Heat style ! Thanks to Marty Dunn and all the cool racers in the program , it was nice meeting you all. Day 2 pic's include a lil' Footbrake action (Congrats Mike Allison) and some 5.70 rides. Most pic's in order "as shot". Big thanks to Sam Ives for putting the "heat " on !
PIC #1 - Logo sample, if you want this logo on your print and/or web version just type "add logo" in the instruction box during checkout.
Logo SampleDSC_2444DSC_2439DSC_2504DSC_2524DSC_2575DSC_2521DSC_2526DSC_2506DSC_2507DSC_2529DSC_2493DSC_2495DSC_2547DSC_2548DSC_2549DSC_2551DSC_2552DSC_2563DSC_2564