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Another great time had at the Chattanooga Cruise In ! I was late to arrive but it was still packed and heard they had over 10,000 spectators too. First set of pics are my HDR images , then some regular shots and ends with some cool snaps by my daughter . Feel free to contact me with any questions and swing by my page and give a LIKE . ColePhoto FB page HERE
Old Skool Edit SampleCP4_4030HDRCP4_4070HDRCP4_4215HDRCP4_4120HDRCP4_4175HDRCP4_4125HDRCP4_4200HDRCP4_4130HDRCP4_4352HDRCP4_4240HDRCP4_4290HDRCP4_4095HDRCP4_4140HDRCP4_4295HDRCP4_4165HDRCP4_4316HDRCP4_4255HDRCP4_4321HDRCP4_4275HDR