For those that find the whole checkout process confusing , troublesome , etc. Feel free to message me or give me a call and I'll help you get the order rolling. The options below are not intended to take the place of the normal checkout process, it's just for people who need the help. But to whom it concerns , we have a few options to get your order placed other than the normal method. * If you're viewing on mobile device tap the red cart icon to see price list and/or start your order. *

Option #1-  Give me a ring 706-307-0190 . I can now process orders/payments over the phone using your debit/credit card OR PayPal if you have one . 


Option #2- If you're one of those that strays away from putting personal info online we can go old skool and you just give me a call , once everything is confirmed you can mail a check to me and I will ship order after it arrives . 


Option #3- Track orders (cash payment when placed)... If you already know what you want and catch me out at the track you can place your order on the spot with me. If you're not sure the image # at the time but know what size and how many you want we can go ahead and get the payment out of the way,( since all track orders require payment at the time it's placed) and you can give me a call later and we'll get everything sorted out and completed.            


So there ya go , a few more option to get what you want ! Always feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thanks, Jason Cole