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To make this short... I love old photo's and would've loved to been shooting 32 Coupes bangin' gears back in the day. And so brings my "Old Skool Touch" edits , which can vary from the look of a proper exposure/shot B&W from the 50's or dragged out to a vintage 1920's print that's had it's fair share of grandpa's coffee mugs across it through it's day's, to a salvaged old photo that's been scanned (scan lines/problems) into the digital era. Each photo is completely kustom,no two are the same... no one click edits here, I turn on oldies music , eyeball a few REAL vintage photo's and mimic them into my work as I see fit. I guess you can say I take them on like Bob Ross doing a painting... just having fun with them , who knows what the photo's went through in their lifetime !